Yura and Minah, Surfing at Huntington Beach! [Battle Trip/2018.03.11]

I heard Orange County is nice. I heard that area is famous for surfing. Are we going to see the beach now? – Huntington Beach is… / – Hunting? – You mean that hunting? / – That hunting, she says. That’s why I learn English. I heard really famous people come here for surfing. We can see Hollywood […]

How I Make Money to Eat and Travel: Commenting On Your Comments

Hey guys, it’s Mike Chen. I realized I haven’t done a video commenting back at your comments in a while So let’s do that, and we’re just gonna get right into it Xiaoning Cui says, haha Singapore national day is like more than a month ago. Okay Uh that video was filmed on Singapore national day, and it […]

Suomen URHEILUGAALA | PM 2019 | Keflavik Iceland | FOC Taekwondo

Howdy hey! We’re standing in the traffic lights. Hey there! We’re on our way to the Finnish Sports Gala. But first we have to find a train so that we can meet ‘MaMa’ [Master Marco]. Can you see my watch? – Not really… Howdy hey! We’re using an escalator. [Untranslatable pun] Where are your feet? This AI thinks […]

Road to the European Championships | FOC Taekwondo

Have you seen Christian anywhere? You mean that guy with the long beard? No, haven’t seen him. Who’s this? Where is my homework? Tashi! [Again!] You found your homework? – Yes! Meh… Hide the buns! [Untranslatable pun] Ready for the beach! Ready for the beach… – Indeed! [Untranslatable pun] Freddie Mercury was probably as poor as any other […]

My dating journey in Ukraine: how a sensei reversed my fortunes | Vodka Vodcast 005 Part 2

I’ll give you just one example like here things do not happen quickly this is not a drunken night out in England for example where girls kind of randomly hook up whatever they they feel like because they’re drunk that very rarely happens in a place like Ukraine for example even though people drink a lot of alcohol […]

Takanakuy: Fistfighting in the Andes

[INTRO PLAYING] [CHEERING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE] THOMAS MORTON: Hi. It’s Thomas. We’re in the Peruvian Andes. It’s the day before Christmas. All these guys are about to go beat the shit out of each other. It’s called Takanakuy. [CHEERING AND MUSIC IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE] THOMAS MORTON: Takanakuy is a giant mass brawl that happens every year at Christmastime […]

Mixed Martial Arts in Pakistan: Fightland.com

[SPEAKING URDU] -Fresh out of the blue, [INAUDIBLE] from Pakistan, Bashir “Somchai” Ahmad. -Bashir Ahmad from Pakistan will have many, many viewers watching on Star Sports in that part of the world when you’re looking at the man that they call the pioneer of mixed martial arts in your country. BASHIR AHMAD: The first step. To me, going […]