How to Perform Gable Grip – Wrestling & Grappling Techniques | Gavrilos Protective Systems

Okay guys, let’s talk about how to do the Gable Grip. So what is the Gable grip? It’s a grip that really helps you be able to further control your opponent, bring your elbows tighter together and create a better, tighter squeeze on your opponent. Typically, it’s used in wrestling. It’s used in various grappling arts. It’s named […]

Basic Moves for Women’s Self Defense : How to Do a Side Kick: Women’s Self Defense

Hi. My name is Chemin Alldredge. I’m a third degree Black Belt and I’m here with Expert Village. Today we are going to be going over women’s beginning self defense. Alright, now that we went over our palm heels and our elbows, we want to go over what we can use with our legs. Side kicks are a […]

Wing Tsun Kung-Fu Katowice – trening 16.06.2019

Up. “Pak sau”. So, one, two. “Pak”. One, two, you launch the strike. Alright, another strike is coming. One, two, three, four. You grab me. I’m the attacker. That’s cool! What is it? WING TSUN! Once again, faster! One, two. “Ding jarn”, “kuen”. You attack me. “Kuen”, “dong sau”. This is “kau sau”. The movement looks this way. […]

Learning to Swim as An Adult: How to Flutter Kick and Glide in Water

Hi my name’s Alex and I’m a certified swim instructor with AquaMobile. In this lesson we are going to recap our kicking and then we are going to try and get even further by adding a glide. Let’s get swimming. To recap what we did in our last lesson let’s go over the skill of kicking in the […]

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