Five Animals Shaolin Martial Arts : Dragon Fighting Style in Shaolin Martial Arts

Hi my name is Adam Bowling. I’m representing the Christian Martial Arts Association. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m here to talk to you about the Five Animal Forms of Kung Fu. Okay, we’re going to talk now about aspects of the dragon style. Dragon Stylist would have been probably the biggest person in a group to do […]

Martial Arts Self Defense : How to Defend Against a Knife Attack

Hi, I’m Jason Jeannette with Elite Martial Arts of Middle Tennessee here on behalf of Expert Village. This is defense against knife threat — two. This situation is exactly like defense against knife threat — one. Only our outcome it different. Kevn’s threatening me with a knife. Obviously, in practice, he’s using a practice knife. While it’s a […]

Advanced Sambo Martial Arts : Setting Up a Submission Move in Sambo Martial Arts

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Stephen Koepfer at New York Combat Sambo in New York, City and today we are going to be doing advance sambo. Okay in this advance technique I’m going to show you another ploy to set up this submission. It is going to be elbow thrust, from his attempt to break my guard […]

High, Fast and Strong Kicks for Karate | Training Session #2

Good morning beautiful people, my name is David and I’m bringing you another training session video today’s video is going to be a quick tutorial on how to improve your kicks for basically any kinds of martial art so I’m gonna show you two quick exercises that should help you gain some more height, strength or quickness for […]

Martial Arts Training & Fitness : Crescent Kick for Martial Arts Fitness

The next kick we’re going to do is called an outside crescent kick. It’s a circular motion. It would be like that is the motion, and you’re going to hit with the outside of your foot right out here, the blade. Your knee stays straight. You don’t turn your hip over on this one, but you do a […]

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