When Can I Shoot Someone in Self Defense? SAFETY GRIP | Intro to Pennsylvania CCW Class

What we doing here, what I want everybody to understand regardless of if you are a super skilled shooter or brand new… um. What we are trying to take away here is not how to shoot a gun, how to fight with a gun. What our program is designed for is to give you guy s skills on […]

Women’s Self Defense Falling Techniques : Women’s Self Defense: Falling Forward Roll

As with women’s self defense, you want to learn to protect your body. Part of that is learning how to fall. If you get knocked to the ground, you don’t want to damage your wrist or land in some way that would hurt yourself. You don’t want to come down here, boom, because that could break your wrist. […]

Improvised weapon skills & Techniques | Self Defense Training | Tactical Rifleman

hi my name is Chad Mormon I’m here at t1G and today we’re going to be talking about a couple of different improvised weapons one of the big misconceptions is when you’re talking about improvised weapons everybody thinks you’re going to be making a shiv or shank or something like that true improvised weapons or whatever you might […]