Basic Moves for Women’s Self Defense : How to Thrust with Knees: Women’s Self Defense

Hi. My name is Chemin Alldredge. I’m a third degree Black Belt and I’m here with Expert Village. Today we are going to be going over women’s beginning self defense. Alright, now we are going to be going over another method to use our legs. We are going to go over our front kick and our knee. A […]

Krav Maga training- release from a side headlock

We’ll start in standing position, then we’ll go to the ground. first of all, headlocks- when do we see this? few possibilities. No. 1- the monkey dance. we’re starting with the whole process and then comes, as an attack either an overhead punch or a headlock so, the movement is the same, and, headlocks are done, usually, either […]