Vital Point Attacks in Women’s Self Defense : Women’s Self Defense: Eye Attack

In women’s self defense and personal protection, at times you may be forced to do something that is very harsh in order to protect your life. And I say that not, once again, to be melodramatic, but to make you understand that the techniques that we’re showing now aren’t what I consider first line of defense type techniques. […]

Basic Moves for Women’s Self Defense : How to Use Pepper Spray on an Attacker

Hi, my name is Chemin Alldredge. I’m a third degree Black Belt and I’m here with Expert Village. Today we are to be going over women’s beginning self defense. Alright, mace and pepper spray are great ways to keep on hand. It’s a safe method to keep with you for self defense instead of carrying a gun or […]

Escape Techniques for Women’s Self Defense : Women’s Self Defense: Escape from Hair Grab

Another important technique in women’s self defense is a defense against the hair grab. Obviously, it would be difficult for me to show, so I’m going to work with Theresa right away. I’m going to have her turn right here. If I grab her by the hair, she wants to get positive control over my hand as well […]

Improvised weapon skills & Techniques | Self Defense Training | Tactical Rifleman

hi my name is Chad Mormon I’m here at t1G and today we’re going to be talking about a couple of different improvised weapons one of the big misconceptions is when you’re talking about improvised weapons everybody thinks you’re going to be making a shiv or shank or something like that true improvised weapons or whatever you might […]

Conceal Carry Self Defense | Close Combat Shooting Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

alright guys today we’re going to be talking about the retention shooting just like we mentioned before there are different variations of this taught in different places we’ll show you why we do what we do here not only is it retention position but there’s a flex extreme angle and other things like that that you wouldn’t be […]

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