Punching Drill to Improve Timing for Self-Defense

Hey. It’s Ando again from SenseiAndo.com. Today, I want to talk–what? Oh, the black eye? Yeah, I know. Well, you should see the other guy. Actually, he’s just fine, that dirty [BLEEP]. Anyway, today I want to talk to you about timing. You’re no fool. You know that timing is the secret to landing punches, kicks, and takedowns. […]

Win Your Next Fight With This Elite Karate Strategy

– Imagine there was a secret fighting strategy that could guarantee that you won your next fight no matter who you fought or what martial art you practice. Well, in today’s video, I’m gonna reveal one such strategy that elite karate fighters around the world are using to guarantee that they improve their chances of actually winning their […]

Anime Studio Director Suzuki Sensei Comments on Graduation Short Film! Interview 3/3

You, Suzuki Sensei, were one of the teachers who helped our group create the graduation project Return the Favor. So, I would like to show you the final video, and receive comments about it. Is that ok? Sure. Yaaay! The music suits the atmosphere. Thank you! it”s really good. What? The music is done matching the visuals. As […]

6 Ways to Improve your Timing for Martial Arts with Sang H. Kim

Timing is the ability to recognize an opportunity and capitalize on it at the perfect moment. If speed is the amount of time it takes for a strike to move from initiation to the target, timing is moving at the correct moment and tempo. It often requires to speed but is not identical to moving quickly. Timing can […]