Kendo Basics : Kendo Footwork (Ashi Sabaki) – The Kendo Show

hi and welcome to The Kendo Show my name’s Andy and today we’re going to be talking about footwork or ashi sabaki okay this is the basic foot movements that are used in kendo and this is the fundamental part of kendo that basically becomes the foundation of everything that you do from here on so it’s very […]

Origem da arte marcial Kudo Daido Juku: (MMA japonês)filosofia marcial Grão Mestre Azuma Takashi

OSU! I am sempai carlos, this is eduardo sensei. welcome to the modern samurai channel. So guys, kudo is not just a martial art or contact sport but a lifelong art with a whole philosophy behind today we will talk about the origin of the name and its meaning but first a message fill out our quiz that […]

Rudraksh {HD} – Sanjay Dutt – Sunil Shetty – Bipasha Basu – Hindi Full Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

‘Hundred of years ago, Lord Rama had.. ..destroyed demon Ravana and his city Lanka.’ ‘That brought an end to the era of the demons.. ..and the present good era started.’ ‘Even today we celebrate their victory.. burning the statue of Ravana at Ram Leela festival.’ ‘Every year this gives man a warning that.. ..the demons may have […]

Bruce Lee | G V Prakash & Kriti decides to reveal the photo | G V Prakash comes to know the truth

Will anyone cry all night? – What is it? – Look at this photo Minister! Isn’t his death the reason why this city is terrorised? How did you take this? This is evidence for murder – Let’s go – Where? Police station Get lost! To explain my crying all night, I haven’t deleted it yet He’s lying He […]

【韓国モッパン】이소룡먹방 激辛トッポッキにブルースリーが挑戦! 치즈왕창 소소떡볶이(ソソトッポッキ) 【한일커플/日韓カップル】【Bruce Lee】

Please subscribe to the channel! Sundae (black sausage) OPEN This is the lungs (the part of black sausage) Sundae (black sausage) This is the ear of a pig (the part of black sausage) Wrong. It’s a pig’s liver (the part of black sausage) Spam gimbap I got a service! I promised to review this Bon appetite! There is […]