Basic Judo Techniques : Learn Variations on the Judo Choking Techniques

Welcome back to Expert Village. This is Cesar and again with Sorai here. What I’m going to show you is a choke. Actually two of them which are related. First one. I’m going to go across her neck like this. It’s not actually a straight choke. Not like this because that would be a strangle. I do not […]

Best BUDGET 3×3! Kung Fu LongYuan vs. MF3RS vs. Qiyi Warrior W |

Hey YouTube it’s me Spotty! Today we’re taking a look at 3 budget 3×3’s to see which might be the best for you. The puzzles we’re gonna be looking at today are the Qiyi Warrior W, the Kung Fu LongYuan and the MF3RS from the Cubing Classroom seires. All 3 come in at under $7.50 Australian or around […]

Shaolin Da Tongbei Quan, Fighting Application

Hello everyone, I’m Joshua Viney from 少林御寨, Today we’re going to discuss the techniques of 少林大通背拳. The first technique to discuss is 金沙飞掌 盯心镖拳, it looks like this; This first palm uses the ends of the fingers to cut accross the opponents eyes, cut both ways, there and on the way back But its a very large obvious […]

Kick High and Far! How to Take a Goal Kick/LONG Backspin Shot Tutorial

Hey everybody, This is my tutorial on how to take a goal kick. Before I start, I want to say that this is especially important for goal keepers, but it is also useful for any position on the field. For defenders, it’s useful for clearing the ball out, and for midfielders– if you’ve ever watched David Beckham play, […]

Basic Judo Techniques : Passing the Guard Judo Techniques

Hi, welcome back to Expert Village. This is Cesar and this is Sorai and we’re going to go ahead and wrap things up with this double feature. First thing I’m going to show you is passing the guard. The second thing is thing called the “barber pole” submission leg lock. Alright, first thing, passing the guard. What I […]