Women’s Self-Defense: Attack Escapes : Women’s Self-Defense: Straight Arm Grab Escape

Hello I’m Sifu Mallon of the Clearwater Kung Fu Center. This is my assistant, Melissa, and this is women’s self defense. We are working on escapes today. So an escape means the fast way to get yourself away from someone grabbing you. This is called straight grab wrist escape so this means that if Melissa has her arm […]


is deku done fisting villains? So what’s up guys Foxen here! I’ve actually seen quite a few people online freaked out about Deku only kicking now instead of punching. Is Deku really done smashing things! So let me go ahead and explain what’s going on! First off what is Deku SS or Deku shoot style? There’s actually two […]

24 HOUR BOX FORT PRISON ESCAPE ROOM!! 📦🚔 Grappling Hook Escape, Secret Room & THE ESCAPE

previously on Papa Jake the Arctic we’re in an Arctic research facility we’d walk down another floor here we go Papa Jake is taking the leg cause he’s making crazy bucks for videos we need to put it itches and lock him up shares there behind this little ones have locked me up here in this prison I […]

How to Do No-Gi Grappling Moves : How To Use the Reverse Triangle No-Gi Grappling Move

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Angel Perez, this is Sensei Richard Acuna with Champion Martial Arts USA in Miami, Florida teaching No-Gi grappling. Now we are going to demonstrate the reverse Sankaku or triangle or figure 4 whatever you want to call it, it is all the same. Basically I’m going to be in a turtle position, […]

Chintya Candranaya Self Defense Part 1 REACTION | Pencat Silat Real Life | Indonesian LADY Fighter

ladies and gentlemen it’s your boy ShadyShae the one and only guys and there ain’t no other like me yeah yeah yeah so guys I was told Shady please react to Chintya Candranaya self defense so guys I am gonna start from the part one they said that she’s got some incredible moves and guys I love incredible […]

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