02 Maintaining Back Control:Seatbelt Grip – The Philosophy Behind Oga’s Jiu-Jitsu

Hello Professor Oga, Hello Today is a sequel to the last video This kid has some questions for professor Oga So what is your question for today? So, it’s from backcontrol with one hook in having my opponent to the overhook side. And I’m not quite able to put the other hook in. In this situation, my opponent […]

BREASTSTROKE 2 KICK 1 PULL (ELITE) | The Elite Breaststroke Drill You’ve Been Missing

In this tutorial we’ll take a look at the advanced version of the breaststroke 2 kick 1 pull drill. The aims of the drill are the same as the beginner version, the difference is, that the timing is done a little different. So let me explain and show you how it’s done. 2 kick 1 pull is a […]

How to block punches, Hapkido punching defence Tutorial 1

Hapkido punching defense Hapkido punching defense came from the sword movement so imagine your holding sword and blocking lifting your sword up thats actually the basic block one okay we don’t want to block out this way so we don’t want to block that way and in Hapkido, we’re not against my opponents power so we are taking […]

[철권7] 파쿰람 이 기술이 진짜 사기네요 ‘쩨트킥’

I have to work after today’s streaming, lol Bruh~? Did I meet you Mactaylor by coincidence? and it’s +16f! +16f! x 3 You have nothing to do, okay? He should have crouched the 2nd hit What what is this AI-like pattern? and I’m getting into it, Bang! Jet Kick! x 2 I’m on plus bruh Wait I missed […]


Tonight’s guest of “MUSIC STATION” BABYMETAL was the first Japanese to enter the US Billboard Top 40 for the first time in 53 years BABYMETAL, thank you. BABYMETAL’s latest album ranks 39th on the US Billboard This is the first time in 53 years since “Sakamoto Kyu” entered the Top 40 as a Japanese. In addition, this month, […]

Kung Fu Fighting for Self Defense : Kung Fu Defense & Punch Repetitions

Science has shown it takes between 2000 and 3000 of patterned repetitious movements for the muscle actually to create automatic response; we call muscle memory. That’s why we see many techniques practiced from repetition with the martial arts. We’re going to show you some of the techniques that the repetition builds up to. If you would, go ahead […]

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