American Kempo Karate Techniques : The Thrusting Salute Kenpo Karate Technique

Hi! I am Joe Palanzo from the World Wide Kenpo Karate Association in conjunction with Expert Village. This technique is called thrusting solute, and what we trying to learn here is how to avoid get kicked by a straight kick. When the kick comes in, the last thing you really want to do is move straight back, because […]

Martial Arts Self Defense : Self-Defense Against an Overhead Stab

Hi I’m Jason Jeannette with Elite Martial Arts in Middle, Tennessee on behalf of Expert Village. This is defense against an overhead stab. Alright on this defense against an overhead stab, the only good thing here is that I can pretty much tell you that if he is stabbing me this way he is not a knife fighter […]

▶️Movimientos de YURI BOYKA en la VIDA REAL🔥🔥🔥 (Martial arts // Capoeira)

how about friends and welcome to a chapter more of this channel no doubt yuri boyka is one of the characters that more people have asked me to teach the movements so today I present the third part of his acrobatics and as usual in We will learn this channel in the way as simple as possible remember […]

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