Oreimo X Eromanga-sensei Night 1 – Aragaki Ayase [English Subtitles] [English CC V2]

Hello everybody-!! I am Eromanga-sensei, I draw erotic illustrations with all my soul. Usually I would do a live broadcast of myself drawing pictures but… Ta-dah! Just like this, I will be drawing lots of cute illustrations. Please look forward to it! Y-You! Of all things, why would you want to draw illustrations? Although he wasn’t shown on […]

THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! Dr. Bruce Lipton Shocked The World With His Discovery

It took about 20 years before science owned what I was talking about If you understand epigenetics you don’t need the pharmaceutical industry That’s not in the interest of the you know One of the biggest industries on this planet to say you can heal yourself without drugs I go absolutely Look I can feed you with an […]

Deer Park Martial Arts (631) 242-0586 Best Krav Maga training in Deer Park NY

Krav Maga the official fighting system of the Israeli military uses techniques designed for real life based on instincts street fighting ground fighting and defense against weapons there’s only one rule in Crawford of go home safe learn to defend yourself and getting great shape anyone can do it we have self defense classes, conditioning classes, fight classes: […]

Martial Arts Websites vs ClickFunnels & Page Builders

Hey, this is George Fourie from Martial Arts Media, and in this video, I’m going to give you my take on websites versus ClickFunnels, or what I’m going to refer to is real martial arts websites, I’ll explain why in a minute, versus ClickFunnels, Leadpages, and other page builders. So I think there’s a bit of confusion in […]