Whānau grapple with inefficient Kainga Whenua loan process

The Kainga Whenua loan scheme was created to make building homes on Maori land easier, but it’s been an uphill battle for one East Coast whanau. Their experience has been a difficult journey of dealing with multiple agencies. But as Irena Smith reports, it’s an ordeal that’s paid off. The Caddie-Koia family is excited to move in to […]

Advanced Bushido Self Defense Lessons : Bushido Belt Grab Move

On behalf of Expert Village, I am Master Dave Herbert from the World Martial Arts Center, World Pro Hapkido Federation in New York City. We’re going to be demonstrating some advanced Bushido techniques. So, pulling your belt, knife on the throat. That’s a problem because they have control of your balance. What I’m doing is a rolling technique. […]

Ahead of election, British voters grapple with Brexit, division and distrust

JUDY WOODRUFF: Britain goes to the polls tomorrow in what’s billed as the most important general election since the end of World War II, and Brexit is at the heart of the election. Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson needs a clear majority in Parliament to force through a deal, which will enable Britain to leave the European Union […]

Titanfall 2 MASSIVE LEAKS! October Release?! Bigger Maps? Grappling Hook & More Leaks!

– [Voiceover] Standby for Titanfall. (Titan falling) (heroic music) – [Voiceover] Hey, Titanfall legends, I’m your host Jax and today there’s been some big Titanfall 2 leaks for me to go over. A user on the Titanfall sub-Reddit called ilovegoogleglass shared some information which he says he’s been sitting on for a while. I’ll be reading out his […]


Hello it’s Mickaël Serfati and I’m there today to talk to you about protects tooth so the mouthguard it’s really an indispensable tool for any fighter whether it’s for everything combat sport but especially for we karatekas since we must to get used to with Kiaï unlike any other protection that it is the points where the feet […]