Martial Art of Russian Special Forces

For officers of special forces One of main part of physical training A variety of physical exercises… contribute to the development of motor coordination… courage and determination Tasks performed by personnel… of special forces requires them to perfect using of martial arts techniques Martial art include a shocks and blocks… from Karate system… troughts painful techniques strangulations and […]

Hapkido Bo Staff Martial Arts Weapon : Bo Staff Choke Defense Technique

On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Master Dave Herbert with the World Martial Art Center in New York City. I’ll be demonstrating some hapkido staff techniques. The opponent’s choking me with 2 hands. I shift my weight back slightly, especially if he’s bigger and stronger he’s putting on you. So he’s pushing forward. I shift back […]

Martial Arts Self Defense : Self-Defense Against a Headlock with a Knife

Hi I’m Jason Jeannette with Elite Martial Arts in Middle, Tennessee here on behalf of Expert Village. This is defense against head lock with a knife or hostage defense. Alright hostage threat with a knife is extremely dangerous, Kevin is attacking me with a rubber blade for this one. This is tricky because I almost have to turn […]

Martial Arts Self Defense : How to Disarm an Attacker with a Stick

Hi, I’m Jason Jeannette with Elite Martial Arts of Middle Tennessee here on behalf of Expert Village. This is stick-versus-stick disarm. Stick-versus-stick disarm there are all kinds of crazy … you know, like if he swings… block and grab and strip. A lot of very complicated stuff that I would never try in a fight. All we’re doing […]

How to Hone Your Basic Striking Techniques : Reverse Jab in Martial Arts

Michael Lewis with Yeshua martial arts on behalf of Expert Village, we are here today to talk about basic striking techniques. Your reverse jab, of course obviously is the opposite of your front jab. Your hands are up; if my right leg is back then the right hand is the jab. Keep in mind it’s different from the […]

How to Break Boards in Martial Arts : Doing Board Breaking with Side Kicks for Martial Arts

LASZLO HUVE: On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Laszlo Huve, here in New York City, Camp Undefeated. Today, we’ll try to break a board. Our next break it’s a stationary side kick, one board, probably the first kick or the second kick for any beginner. It’s very important for the board to be properly aligned. You […]

Martial Arts Training & Fitness : Jab-Cross Punch for Martial Arts Fitness

Hi! Next we’re going to work on jab-cross. Let’s get into the stance first because that’s important. You’re going to put your left leg in front and slightly bend your front knee and have your back foot off to the side a little bit. Never be like this like you’re on a tight rope. It’s really hard to […]

Martial Arts Training & Fitness : Back Kick for Martial Arts Fitness

Next we’re going to do a back kick, which is just like it sounds, the kick going straight back. I added some 5 pound ankle weights if you want to get more of a workout. You’re going to hold the desk or something that is sturdy and that can support you so you don’t fall over. You’re going […]

How to Do Sambo Martial Arts : Two Submission Combos in Sambo Martial Arts

STEPHEN KOEPFER: On behalf on Expert Village, my name is Stephen Koepfer of New York Combat Sambo in New York City and today, we’re going to show you Sambo combinations. Okay, in these Sambo combinations, we’re going to do two submission combinations based on a situation where I have one hook in his turf. So my opponent’s in […]