Hapkido Bo Staff Martial Arts Weapon : Bo Staff to Staff Fighting Techniques

On behalf of Expert Village my name is Master Dave Herbert with the World Martial Art Center in New York City. I’ll be demonstrating some hapkido staff techniques. Once again, the opponent has a downward strike with a long weapon. Now I step to his inside. As he comes down, I move, I strike. As I’m moving I […]

Metal Gear Solid 3 CQC – Techniques of The Boss by Nerd Martial Arts

What was that some kind of Judo? No it’s called CQC, a basic form of close quarters combat. Hey! welcome to Nerd Martial Arts. For this techniques of the week we’re gonna cover some techniques from Metal Gear Solid 3. We’re gonna cover some techniques from the Boss. The moves we’ll be covering will be the CQC techniques. […]

Martial Arts Self Defense : Martial Arts Self-Defense Training Equipment

Hi, I’m Jason Jeannette with Elite Martial Arts of Middle, Tennessee, here on behalf of Expert Village. Alright, let’s talk about appropriate training equipment. It would be best to have a little of everything. For sticks, you can do anything from saw off a shovel handle, which would be your highest level what you don’t want to deal […]

Boxing Training Equipment : Using Wall-Mounted Focus Pads in a Boxing Gym

The next area we’re going to talk about is the wall-mounted hook and uppercut mitts. One of the best things in the boxing gym, the more things that you can get your boxers to do by themselves the better off you’re going to be. The other focus mitts, you’re going to be working with a partner holding the […]