How to release against DOUBLE GRABBING – Self Defense

So today we will see how to defend against grabbing. First of all the most important aspect is simplicity why simplicity because in the street we don’t have time, we don’t have time to learn difficult techniques Always think the less complicated, the easier reactions will come. So all the techniques that you will see in this first […]

SELF-DEFENSE – When does self-defense begin? (Notwehr StGB §32)

I just want to explain some basic self-defense rules Of course every country has its own laws But one law is almost everywhere the same The self-defense law what is permitted by law In reality .. that means on the street it would happen you go and talk Suddenly grab him and go That’s reality That means, you […]

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu VS Rock Climbing (WORKOUT CHALLENGE!)

Hi, I am Geek Climber. I have always wondered how well athletic abilities translate between different sports. I am going to visit Andy, who is an expert on Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, to challenge each other with three drills specifically for our own sport, so I will be challenging Andy with three rock climbing drills that we climbers usually do. […]

Beatboxing tutorial #2: Creating the kit – Kick drum

Drummers often use a variety of instruments, every drum kit has a kick or bass drum, high-hat cymbals and a snare. These three create the framework for contemporary commercial beats. Let’s start with the basic techniques. Make the “p” sound, make sure that you’re using your mouth air and not your lung air. The beatboxing version of “p” […]

Kung Pow – Wimp Lo

Now we’ll… learn who’s the best Ha, face to foot style, how’d you like it? Oh yeah, try my nuts to your fist style Who’s laughing now? Please stop! Wimp Lo sucks as a fighter. A child could beat him. Got you now! Hey! Hey! Hey, Wait! Wait! I’m Bleeding, making me the victor I must apologize for […]

Advanced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Moves : Advanced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Forty-Five Degree Arm Bar

This is Don Daly representing In this clip we are going to demonstrate a 45 degree arm bar from side control. A lot of times I have a guy in this position. I have the lock on okay I bring my chest down I go to pull his arm up but he is holding too tight. He […]

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