Barriers that get in the way of our goals

Have you ever set a goal but then something got in the way that stopped you from achieving it. Hello, powerful families. Christian Arias here with another valuable update about this week’s life-changing, powerful words lesson. We’re building powerful initiative muscles this month and last week we continued talking about initiative. We talked about about s.m.a.r.t.e.r. goals and […]

Clinch Escapes for Self-Defense – Muay Thai or Collar Tie

If I just do this, that doesn’t do anything. I just do this, you follow me.>>Again–two directions, like on the elevator.>Yeah, exactly. Hey! Ando here from Happy Life Martial Arts. Back again with Sifu Randy Brown of Randy Brown Mantis Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Acton, Massachusetts. How are you, Sifu?>Excellent.>As always. In case you didn’t see […]

Self-Defense Basics: Lesson 3 – Stance and Breathing

Hey. Ando again from Happy Life Martial Arts. Welcome to Lesson #3 in your Self-Defense Basics Course. As you already know, self-defense is more than just learning a few slick moves, it’s a lifestyle. So, let’s talk about two more exercises that you can do all day, every day– stance and breathing. Stance. No, I’m not talking about […]

Self-Defense Basics: Lesson 6 – Strategy in a Physical Attack

Hey. Ando again from Happy Life Martial Arts. Welcome to Lesson #6 in your Self-Defense Basics Course. Up until now, we’ve been talking about how to prevent a physical attack. But what do you when you didn’t see trouble coming? When your words aren’t being heard? When you can’t run? We’ll move around some more in the next […]

Self-Defense Advice Every Woman Should Hear with Fauzia Lala

Howdy. Ando here from Happy Life Martial Arts and today I have the honor of standing here with Fauzia Lala. She’s the founder of Defense Ninjas. If you haven’t checked out her YouTube channel, I’ll put the link below. Fauzia, I was hoping you could help answer a question for me today.>>Absolutely.>>Sometimes I meet women, they’re interested in […]

Apos ver esse video de jiu jitsu sua vida vai mudar ( Your life will change.)

When I tell you that Judo comes from Jiu Jitsu When, Conde Koma brought to Brazil. Koma, a direct disciple of Sensei Kano. Shihan, in Japanese means master. You know, that at the time that Japan was empire… The Japanese Emperor bowed before the teacher The only person that the Emperor bows to was the teacher. The Emperor […]

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