Taekwando Tournament Training Tips : Four Person Fight Teams in Taekwondo Competitions

Hi! I’m Calab Labarda with Tae Kwon Do Limited on behalf of expertvillage.com. Check at our website at tkdarizona.com. What you’re seeing right here is a 4 person fight scene. The two younger boys are using escrimas, the older man is using a cane and the woman is using a bow staff and they are doing all actual […]


Hi everyone welcome back to my channel my name is Aaliyah. Your co-host. And today i’m going to be telling you a little bit about my Taekwondo school. So in my Taekwondo School You get belts You get trophies you get to do so many cool things You first start off with a warm up Usually with warm-up […]

taekwondo(เทควันโด) poomsae training about how to use waist power

hello everyone my name is master P. Chae today I am gonna telling about how to make big power with less power At first you have to follow me like this and then your finger make a fist with step first do like this and second and third your thumb finger put on the second finger people and […]

taekwondo(เทควันโด) poomsae training about how to do basic blocks

Hello everyone my name is Master P. Chae today I’m gonna tell you about how to Three Basic blocks last time I already told you how to make strong fist first and second and third your thumb finger put on the second finger and after that Junbi (Ready) and then change to riding stance and after that you’re […]

TAEKWONDO – I Slept on the GROUND to Train With OLYMPIANS – Motivation

(thunder crashes) (drumbeats) (fabric rustles) – I say this to myself every day. Are you the person you’d like to be? (Music: “Solace” by Ryan Sunderman) No? Then you’d best be on your way. I’ve been traveling the world learning different martial arts for the past four years. One of the biggest lessons I learned is whatever you […]

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