Grappling (Go too gi): Side position #01-05.

Grappling techniques. Number 01 to 05 Welcome, I am Kuksanim Hector Contreras, Chief instructor of the HwaRangDo Chile Academy I will show you five grappling techniques; these are simple yet very effective In the technique #1, I will grab and lock the forearm. First, I put my body-weight over the opponent, like in a shooting-prone position Lowering my […]

BEST Traditional Team Sync THEY’VE EVER SEEN – Battle of Atlanta 2019

Congratulations to you guys that was a hard fought battle. Well earned Look, look, I had people sitting next to me and they were saying that is the Best Traditional Team Sync that they’ve ever seen. It was certainly your guys very best that I’ve ever seen.and it was good enough to win on a stage like Battle […]

How to Counter Back Kick Using Slide Back Roundhouse Kick – Taekwondo Sparring – Sang H. Kim

Technique number 25 is slide back roundhouse kick at closed stance against back kick. This technique is one of the most simple techniques and yet most frequently used by world class competitors. The Korean term is Dwio Pajo Dollyo Chagi. Dwio Pajo means sliding back step. Dollyo Chagi is roundhouse kick. The first step is to retreat your […]

Beginner Taekwondo Step Sparring Techniques

Before one step sparring practice adjust the distance with your partner. Attacker right step back left hand low block and then stepping in right hand middle section punch. Technique number one is left side step left the palm block right middle punch to the kidney. At this time you’re changing your stance from the horse riding stance into […]

In-Place Back Kick Attack for Taekwondo Sparring – Sang H. Kim

Technique number ten is in-place back kick at closed stance. The Korean term is Jejari Dwi Chagi. Jejari means in-place. Dwi Chagi is back kick. The first step is to pivot your front foot, rotate your body and spot the target over your shoulder. The second step is to chamber your kicking knee and kick deeply into the […]

Rear Same Leg Roundhouse Kick and Back Kick Combination – Taekwondo Sparring – Sang H. Kim

Technique number 20 is rear leg roundhouse kick and back kick at open stance. The Korean term is Dwibal Chago Patta Dwi Chagi. Dwibal Chago is rear foot kick. Patta is withdrawing. Dwi Chagi is back kick. The first step is to kick with your rear foot and withdraw it to lure in your opponent’s counter-attack. The second […]

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