Systema (russian martial art) SERGEY LOBASIUK Systema Kiev la Rotation 2

In fact the wall psychologically he helps Sergei because he keeps him so he helps her understand the right moves. And hands they arrive a moment later, always a little offbeat it does not start with the hands because we studied the trick in every detail we know that the knife we ​​do not see a little bit […]

Roulade systema avant niveau avancés 1 par MAKSIMTSOV Alexander

He will show 2 methods to do this exercise Easy, it’s not bad for a beginner level Beginners should do this separately without a partner Now, we have to fall Fall at the last moment you ride And recreate the moment down and roll From the right moment to the moment of roulade You must really fall Here […]

7 of the Most Effective Martial Arts Forms

From ground-based grappling to standup striking, here are 7 of the most effective martial arts forms. These tenacious techniques have created some of the needliest human waypoints on the planet. Number 7: Silat Roughly translated as ‘fighting skill’, Silat is an umbrella term used in reference to the various fighting styles that have originated in the Malay Archipelago. […]