Dolphin Kick Swim Instruction (butterfly kick technique lesson) #swimlesson #dolphinkick #butterfly

Now we’re going to move into the dolphin kick. The dolphin kick is used in every single one of the strokes when you get into competitive swimming It’s obviously used in the butterfly but it is also used in the freestyle, it’s also used in backstroke and very briefly in breaststroke so it’s important to have the dolphin […]

Flutter Kick Swim Instruction (freestyle & backstroke kick technique) #swimlesson #flutterkick

You want to make sure that you have floppy feet Now sometimes you’ll run into swimmers who have flexed feet and they’ll be stiff and they’ll be kicking like this in the water What you want is to have long feet, you want to have floppy feet on the end so they’re catching the water and forcing it […]

Whip Kick Swim Instruction (breaststroke kick technique lesson) #swimlesson #whipkick

Moving into the whip kick. The whip kick is used with breaststroke, it’s the only stroke the whip kick is used. A lot of times younger swimmers will have a very hard time coordinating, getting the fine muscle coordination in order to do a proper whip kick The instructor or the parent needs to be very patient with […]

Whip Kick Swim Lesson ‘The Season Day 11’ Helpful tips on how to swim #swimlesson

We’ve got an awesome lake in the background Today was a very very critical day, it’s actually the hardest thing to teach in a swimming, in my opinion, is the breaststroke kick, the whip kick. So we got on that today and we saw a lot of progress and the kids got the basic motions down and that’s […]