Improve Your Freestyle Kick | Swimming Drills To Make You Faster

– Front Crawl Kick is an important part of the stroke but one that’s often overlooked. Well it’s there to help your body find the correct balance and position in the water, as well as contributing to that forward propulsion. So today we’re going to be looking at how to improve your Front Crawl Kick by utilizing some […]

Core exercises for swimming underwater dolphin kicks

Core strength is very important for swimming as I mentioned in our core exercises video. Today we will focus specifically on exercises that will improve your underwater dolphin kicks. It is equally important to work your lower back muscles and it is your abs. They both play a huge role on the undulating movement of the body. Having […]

Learning to Swim as An Adult: How to Flutter Kick and Glide in Water

Hi my name’s Alex and I’m a certified swim instructor with AquaMobile. In this lesson we are going to recap our kicking and then we are going to try and get even further by adding a glide. Let’s get swimming. To recap what we did in our last lesson let’s go over the skill of kicking in the […]

Dolphin Kick Swim Instruction (butterfly kick technique lesson) #swimlesson #dolphinkick #butterfly

Now we’re going to move into the dolphin kick. The dolphin kick is used in every single one of the strokes when you get into competitive swimming It’s obviously used in the butterfly but it is also used in the freestyle, it’s also used in backstroke and very briefly in breaststroke so it’s important to have the dolphin […]

Butterfly swimming kick. Improve your underwater and fly kick. Beginners and Intermediate

Butterfly swimming kick. Possibly the most important thing to learn in swimming is the butterfly kick. I say this for three reasons: 1- You could legally do butterfly kick for 15 meter every lap during freestyle, backstroke and butterfly races. 2- It strengthens your core and therefore improves your stabilization when swimming any stroke. 3- Butterfly kick is […]

Disconnected Kick? This is What Happens to Hip Rotation in Your Freestyle Technique!

Hey swimmers so in today’s video I’m going to be addressing kick timing but most importantly, the pull buoy. Do you know what it is? have you trained with it? Possibly being completely dependent on it in order to move forward? Well definitely keep watching because you may be forming this habit in your stroke. Hey everyone welcome […]

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