All Fights and Battles in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel | Episodes 1-22 | Neo-Saban Superheroes

Funny, that’s not what time it is at all. It’s morphin’ time! Power stars! [Rangers] Lock in! Ready! Ninja spin! Ninja Rangers fear no danger! (rangers yell and grunt) [Calvin] Time to finish you! [Smellephant] Wrong! (explosion echoes) (rangers yell) [Preston] Guys, look out! (Smellephant laughs) We’re not afraid of you! [Brody] Hey Rangers, let’s show this monster […]


From protecting women from assault to stopping drug dealers, here are 10 real life superheroes!! 10.) Wheel Clamp Man Wheel clamp man from Perth, Australia is a perfect example that there is a gray area in the world of real life superheroes. Like all superheroes, wheel clamp man goes around and helps the citizens of society, however he […]