Ninja McNinja vs Karate Kid: 9 TRIALS OF FIRE McDonald’s Happy Meal Hope and Annie SuperHero Kids

Happy Meals! Booyah, booyah, booyah! This doesn’t seem like a nutritious breakfast. Get over it bro. We are feasting on this deliciousness. What? Where’d did my Happy Meal go bro? You took it! I was with you the whole time! That is physically and spiritually impossible! No! Not there’s no Happy Meals! It’s okay Why is this happening! […]

BACK TO NINJA SCHOOL! ft Ninja Kidz TV – SuperHeroKids Hope and Noah SHK Comic

Blue, you are not yet ready for Ninja School. What? But master, I am ready! No, you are too angry. I’ll show you, I’ll go to Ninja School anyways. Blue wait! Oh my gosh! I’m so ready to get back to school! No talking! I hope you all studied for your ninja test today! A ninja test? What’s […]