Aikido vs Knife

Hi guys – my name is Ondrej. Welcome to Aikido Flow. I’d like to show you a few techniques with the knife, in terms of self-defence against knives. So the first thing that we’ll do, if I can ask Azu, is usually when you get into situations such as and someone just wants your wallet they not necessarily […]


The roots of aikido date back to the 9th century when foundations of the martial arts using strikes and pressures on the nerve centers in combination with joint locks were established in the japanese imperial court. In 1925, Morihei Ueshiba, the martial arts teacher and philosopher, gave this martial art its final shape. Thanks Ueshiba, aikido occupies a […]

Aikido Interview – Isoyama Hiroshi Shihan 8th Dan Aikikai – Part 2/3

Do you agree with people who say that Aikido comes from weapons? Yes, well that depends on what people think, but in the case of Aikido, that’s what people always say, that it came from weapons. But the movement with a weapon, with a tool, is a bit different from that which is empty-handed. And when I make […]