HOW TO: Gedan nagashi uke – simply explained | Shotokan Karate Technique

Hello, today we want to look at the Gedan nagashi uke, the accompanying defense technique for the Gedan area. The defense technique starts at the back, the hand is put upright because we have a rotation. At the end of the movement, when the Gedan nagashi uke arrives, the back of the hand is turned upwards. And always, […]

Connecting Karate techniques.Ki-Karate.Tanja Mayer

Welcome to Ki-Karate Dojo Shugyo my name is Tanja Mayer today I show one technique combination from shotokan Karate age uke, mae geri, gyaku zuki I´ll show the combination and give you three tipps to let the techniques feel comfortable and look good first tipp to keep the pressure upon the age uke to the opponent (here imagine […]

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