Karate for Beginners #1 Il saluto nel Karate – The Bow greeting in Karate

HI! One of the first thing you will learn when coming to the Dojo is the bow greeting. But why do we do the greeting bow in martial arts? And how do we do the greet in Karate? Today, I will explain it to you in this video. The bow greeting is something quite simple in its external […]

Canada Open Karate Kata (3 viewing angles)

(Kiyotsuke – Attention, bring feet together) (Rei – Bow) “Canada Open” (Yoi – Get Ready) One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Aii! Eighteen Nineteen (Yame – End) (Kiotsuke – Attention) (Rei – Bow) (Naotte – Relax) Kiotsuke Rei “Canada Open” Yoi One Two Three Four Five Six […]

HOW TO: Age uke [Aus dem Buch “Die Karate-Essenz”] | Shotokan Karate

Hello and welcome today we have the topic “Age uke” the upwards defense technique Age uke protects the head and direct the attacks up, that’s why “Age” – “upwards” It is important that when the arm goes up to ward off the head is completely protected not sideways or only half the head but completely Age uke starts […]

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