General Miura VS 3 Kung Fu Masters | Japanese Karate VS Chinese Kung Fu

Master? General Thank you General! Good fight Go beat their ass I want to join in the fun Those fools aren’t good enough for General Miura I’ll show these Chinese what Japanese kung fu is like Find 3 Chinaman to fight with me Give them fried rice even if they lose Yes sir! Don’t say I’m not helping […]

Introducing Grappler Going Abroad— Judo, Grappling, Karate and JET Programme in Japan

Hey guys, my name is Preston and this channel is Grappler Going Abroad. Before I start talking about what this channel is about, I want to give you guys and idea about who I am as a person. I have roughly 10 to 12 years of cumulative experience grappling. I started Judo when I was a sophomore in […]

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