Kung Fu Fighting for Self Defense : How to Escape a Choke Hold Using the Kung Fu Crane Escape Method

Hi! I’m Grand Master Ike Bear of the Wu family Shaolin Black Dragon Kung Fu System, here on behalf of expert village. Our first clip is going to demonstrate practical application of traditional kung fu form. For more information go to www.shaolinblackdragon.com. I’m going to demonstrate escape using the crane method from a double forward choke. She’s going […]

Kung Fu Fighting for Self Defense : Crane Kung Fu Kick Blocking Techniques

One of the movements from the crane style we’re going to demonstrate, like crane closes wings and a single leg crane stance. This is usually just a transitional stance, used either to block a kick, in a process of a kick, or to lunge forward to the attacker. What we’re doing in this case is block a kick. […]

【English sub】[KUNG FU]杨门女将之军令如山 Legendary Amazon 张柏芝 / 任贤齐 / 刘晓庆 / 郑佩佩 / 周海媚 (2011)1080p

Go back home. Go back home, brothers. Today, we can light lanterns for them. But who will light them for us tomorrow? Let their souls protect the border forever! Fire! Kill them! Brothers! Charge! Charge! Guiying, I must break our promise of living and dying together. Take care of Wenguang! Catch it. Shoot. Yes! Perfect shots! Marshal, the […]

【English sub】| Full Movie | [Kung Fu] 绝代双骄 Handsome Siblings 刘德华 / 林青霞 / 张敏(1992) BluRay 1080p

According to legend, the Supremes reappear every 18 years. A strong and valorous person is selected to perpetuate the line of the emblem ofjustice and its legendary techniques. He becomes the Supreme then for one period in 18 years The supreme techniques are the technique of Frozen Jade and the Sword of the Couple We are the 7 […]

【English sub】[KUNG FU][Gun battle]皇家师姐4:直击证人 / In the Line of Duty 4 (1989)1080P

I’ll go and see what’s up. Your information was very valuable. I don’t want you taking any more risks. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Hurry up. What are you doing? I’ve just come off the boat. Help me, please. What are you doing? Who is she? She’s a friend. She’s just visiting. You’re supposed to be working. Sorry, […]

Praying Mantis Kung Fu Fighting : Praying Mantis Kung Fu: Inward Block Counter Punch

My name is Wes Rhodes, I’m from the Chinese Kung Fu Academy and for Expert Village and this is Praying Mantis fighting technique, Inward Block Counter Punch. Now this is a technique using inside form block. You can use this as a retreading technique, you’re going to turn the wrist, block. As their punch comes in, you’re going […]

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