Семь Ступеней Шаолиня: Master Kung-Fu vs. Cow

Seven steps of Shaolin – The miracle of Chinese craftsmanship – Seven steps… – The miracle of Chinese craftsmanship, seven… – The miracle of Chinese craftsmanship, seven steps of Shaolin – Hello… – The miracle of Chinese craftsmanship, seven steps of Shaolin. Right, right so him .. That he scares you?! To be continued

Kung Fu Fighting for Self Defense : Kung Fu Defense & Punch Repetitions

Science has shown it takes between 2000 and 3000 of patterned repetitious movements for the muscle actually to create automatic response; we call muscle memory. That’s why we see many techniques practiced from repetition with the martial arts. We’re going to show you some of the techniques that the repetition builds up to. If you would, go ahead […]

Kung Fu Weapon Training & Meihuaquan : Mei Hua Broadsword Moves 13-18

Now let’s continue from the previous section. From here, you want to bring your legs in, turn, step forward, strike. Now you’re going to rotate your body once, strike down, you want to jump twice; one, two, down, turn, strike forward, strike forward, strike forward. Okay. Now let’s do it again. Starting from here. One, two, three, step […]

Choy Li Fut – Kung Fu Wall Bag Training – Three Backfist Combos

(music) Hey what’s up, this is Sifu Kuttel and in this video we’re going to be working on some wall bag combinations. Now these are very particular to the Choy Li Fut system. I know they use wall bag striking in wing chun and some other martial arts as well, but this is very particular to the style […]


yes guys hello everyone, with you today so different, crazy or crazy we are with great educated content I have a teacher with me, I will introduce my teacher immediately before you know my teacher, today far east defense kung fu with arts and shaolin style we will teach the techniques. Hello my teacher first of all thank […]

【English sub】[KUNG FU]咏春 詠春Wing Chun (1994) 1080P

Today is the Beach Festival, do you think Yim Wing Chun will come? It’s really hustle and bustle. My information is very accurate, right? Let’s go… If Wing Chun doesn’t come, how can there’re so many people doing business here? Aren’t they afraid of bandit? Waiter, is Master Yim here? She’s here already. Go. Go inside. A man […]

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