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This is much different than any other Karate studio I have ever been too before. I been to a few where it’s military, very fromal And its not very family like This one here, you learn but you learn in a fun and make relationships with people. The thing that I love The most about Standale Karate, is […]

How to Do Combination Drills | Taekwondo Training

We’re going to be talking about combination drills. Now combination drills is trying to throw out more than one, two techniques. Number one, doing a single technique is good, especially if you want to focus on something. Throwing a roundhouse kick, and just concentrating on that, is great. But you should also practice on your combination kick, because […]

American Kempo Karate Techniques : The Thrusting Salute Kenpo Karate Technique

Hi! I am Joe Palanzo from the World Wide Kenpo Karate Association in conjunction with Expert Village. This technique is called thrusting solute, and what we trying to learn here is how to avoid get kicked by a straight kick. When the kick comes in, the last thing you really want to do is move straight back, because […]