American Kempo Karate Techniques : The Thrusting Salute Kenpo Karate Technique

Hi! I am Joe Palanzo from the World Wide Kenpo Karate Association in conjunction with Expert Village. This technique is called thrusting solute, and what we trying to learn here is how to avoid get kicked by a straight kick. When the kick comes in, the last thing you really want to do is move straight back, because […]

Martial Arts Training | Troy Michigan | Denny Strecker’s Karate (248) 687-8641

How many times per week does a child need to attend class? We basically played with everything over the past 20 years for how often kids should attend Karate classes. We found that 2 classes per week is solid, anything less they generally don’t retain what they saw the week before so you spend a lot of time […]

Training Your Eyes to Become a Better Fighter in Martial Arts or Sport

The eyes the senses which allow us to see is one of the most important things we have in our life and we need to train it right when we’re doing self defense stay tuned Welcome to Shihan’s Dojo I’m Shihan Marty Husband and I want to talk to you today about your eyes sight is probably one […]

Hapkido Basic Techniques | Wrist escape part 1 | Grandmaster Ik Hwan Kim

hi I’m Master Ik Hwan Kim I’ll teach you the fundamentals of Hapkido and various self-defense techniques let us begin position of the hand should be open with the fingers extended and rigid this position serves two functions first it expands the area around the wrist thereby helping to loosen the attackers hold and secondly it provides strength […]

Taekwondo Martial Arts Basics : Taekwondo Lung Punch

Hello! My name is Sid Nelson, master instructor in Martial Arts. I’m representing The first punch I’ll be demonstrating is called a lunge punch. With a lunge punch, you’ll be stepping while you’re punching. Keep in mind, you want to pull the other arm back to the belt. When we step, we want to keep in mind […]

Filipino Martial Arts Dekiti Tirsia Siradas Kali (with Lakan Guro Nowee Cecilliano)

This is Dekiti Tirsia Siradas Kali Or Kali for short It is an ancient Filipino combat and survival system indigenous to the island in Negros in the Visayan region Its emphasis is on the usage of impact and bladed weapons As well as empty hand techniques and firearms Its name was derived from the Ilonggo dialect ‘Dekit’ means […]

Tai Chi Martial Art Applications : Tai Chi: Attack From Behind

In this segment I’m going to be showing an application of an attack from behind. Using preparation movement and ward off. It doesn’t matter ward off left or ward off right, it is really up to you. The idea is preparation, then step out and ward off. And as you notice, it is sometimes a little different what […]

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