How to block punches, Hapkido punching defence Tutorial 1

Hapkido punching defense Hapkido punching defense came from the sword movement so imagine your holding sword and blocking lifting your sword up thats actually the basic block one okay we don’t want to block out this way so we don’t want to block that way and in Hapkido, we’re not against my opponents power so we are taking […]

Self-Defense for Kids: Escaping Attackers : Escaping a Hair Grab: Self-Defense for Kids

For kids’ safety, they may have to deal with a hair pull where somebody is grabbing their hair from behind. And, if that were to happen, we can utilize our entire body, turning and redirecting the energy to help us escape from them. So, as she grabs my hair, I’m going to just use my hands to protect […]

INSPIRATIONAL | Be A Beacon in Martial Arts | Coachella Season 2 EP 10

(atmospheric music) (people grunt) – So I’ll call guys at black belt too right. So I’ll call a few of you guys up here. This guy’s a black belt. Let’s go Rhino, Marine, Sparky, Cecil. (audience applauds) This is a special group. Anybody who makes it here has put a lot of time in with us. Rolled with […]

Deadly Skill Training: Defending Yourself Against A Firearm

– I’m Clint Emerson, retired Navy SEAL and author of “100 Deady Skills”. How to survive any kind of situation. Today, I’m going to teach you life-saving lessons. (fast, energetic rock music) You hear shots fired. You’re at work. You’re at at school. You’re at home. There are books everywhere. You can use them to build improvised body […]

#80: Menamy Mitanes Interview – Fight for a Happy Life Podcast

Howdy! Ando here from Happy Life Martial Arts. Welcome to episode number 80 of Fight for a Happy Life, the show that believes even a little martial arts makes life a whole lot better. Today a conversation with my friend Menamy “The Tsunami” Mitanes. Now, you’ll remember Menamy, he’s appeared in several of my videos where we talk […]

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