Sneaking into TOP SECRET HEADQUARTERS to HELP GAME MASTER ESCAPE from Quadrant! (Found 3am Clues)

– Hey Zamfam, it’s Rebecca, and right now we are at the Quadrant’s top secret headquarters, where we are hopefully going to go in, find the Game Master, and escape with him. There is currently a surveillance drone circling the building, so we’re waiting for a chance for us to be able to get inside. – It looks […]

I BETRAY The SPY NINJAS and SNEAK INTO The SAFE HOUSE! Project Zorgo Challenge In Real Life Vlog

– Hi Spy… Project Zorgo Members. I just want to let you know that I’m about to get promoted into a higher level of Project Zorgo. I did pay $10,000 to get to the higher level and this is what they gave me. This box here. Whoa! It’s a safe! It says Project Zorgo on it. Inside this […]