Taekwondo Martial Arts Basics : How to Do a Front Kick in Taekwondo Martial Arts

Hello! My name is Sid Nelson, master instructor in Martial Arts. I’m representing expertvillage.com. Okay, the next part of our martial arts training will be kicks. In all martial arts kicks give you the advantage, they give you more reach against your opponent, the kicks are much more powerful, and they’re faster. Don’t forget the element of surprise […]

How to Counter Using a Front Leg Pushing Kick – Taekwondo Sparring – Sang H. Kim

Technique number 17 is front leg pushing kick at closed stance against rear leg attack. The Korean term is Apbal Miro Chagi. Apbal is front foot. Miro Chagi is pushing kick. The first step is to read your opponent’s initiative movement and feel the right timing. Then the second step is to bring your knee up and push […]

Bruce Lee JKD Stance

(upbeat music) – Bruce Lee’s JKD, Jeet Kune Do, stance. Now today, my instructors we are going to teach you, how the JKD stance is a little bit different from other martial arts stance. And why we stand a certain way and how it gives mobility and explosive power. So see if you can explain to us about […]

Dave’s Details Ep. 5 – Belts, tie your belt & uniform info – Matrix MA LE3

How’re we doing today. Right, so today’s Dave’s Detail is on belts and belt tying. So, errrm, I’ve got two belts with me today. I’ve got my belt (black belt) but obviously for our club we wear black so this is going to be a bit difficult to see. But, also a little while ago we, for a […]

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