Distortion on Kick & Snare Drum (Studer A800). with Andrew Scheps

one of the benefits of using an actual tape emulation plugin as opposed to something that’s just giving you tape harmonic distortion is they’ve given you the controls for the tape machine and you can screw it up you can actually make it much more distorted than tape ever would have because you never would have misaligned your […]

Workflow Details of an Animation Freelancer in Japan. Kakoi Sensei Interview 4/10

Wow! Oh! This is… You need this? Both microphones will have a peak. It is easy to syncronize. Ah! That is why you make that. Interesting! Freelance animators work from home, right? Yes! Although, you see… But when I was young it was better to be close to superiors to learn from. So even freelancers can use a […]

Animator’s Work! One Piece, Gintama, Pokemon, CCSakura, etc. Kakoi Sensei Interview 1/10

Thank you for coming today. Same here. Let’s start with your name. I am Kumiko Kakoi. I am Mar! Laugh You are a (key) animator. That is right. Could you tell me some anime you’ve worked on? Ah… it is a long list. Laugh. There is quite variety. Tell me the ones you like. The ones I like… […]

Animator’s life in Japan! Freelance vs in-Company. Oda Sensei Interview 2/10

What is the thing you enjoy the most on working in the anime industry? The fact that I do what I like to do! Laugh When you are a freelancer, you don’t know if more work will come. In the last 2-3 years, there has been many anime. Even if I reject some proposals, more work comes. The […]