9-Year-Old Ninja Is 4-Time World Champion | KICK-ASS KIDS

CHANNAH ZEITUNG: I like learning new things because it makes me happy and I wonder, ‘Wow! How would it look?’ And that’s what I like about Taekwondo. CHANNAH ZEITUNG: I am Channah Zeitung, I am nine years old, a four-time world champion and a second-degree black belt. CHANNAH ZEITUNG: I like doing my weapon form because it’s very […]

Eight Year Old Boxing Prodigy Throws 100 Punches A Minute

COMM: Eight-year-old boxing prodigy Evnika Saadvakass from Kazakhstan can throw one hundred punches in less than a minute. COMM: And her sparring skills are all thanks to her father – professional boxing coach Rustram, who’s been training his daughter in the sport since she was just three-years-old. COMM: After a video of Evnika’s incredible skills went viral, Rustram […]