Comment bloquer un crochet de Forain – KARATE – Lionel Froidure

Hello karateka, hope you’re great! Today, how to defend against a haymaker punch. Often used in street fight. I am Lionel froidure, and my aim is to help you develop skills outside your own dojo. If you want tips, tricks, drills… to improve find the subscribe button. My structure need to be great. Structure goes forward. I am […]

BUNKAI | The Practical Application of Karate Kata Jesse Enkamp

What is kata? To some people it looks like a dance. To me – it’s a fight. You see, the original purpose of kata was never to punch and kick in thin air, but to apply those techniques against an aggressive attacker in self-defense. This is what we call bunkai – the practical application of kata. Because, if […]