Using Myotatic (Stretch Reflex) Reps | Advanced Training Techniques

All right, I got this intro. You good? I’m chewing food so Jake’s gonna intro this. What’s up, guys? Jake Hutton and Steve Cook from Fitness Culture. We both got new haircuts so we figured that we’d do the video together today. So we’re gonna be starting a new series called advanced training techniques. And what we’re gonna […]

Martial Arts Exercise Week – The Sit Through – The Active Lifestyle Studio Mt Eden, Auckland

Hi guys, James here from The Active Lifestyle As it’s Bruce Lee’s birthday today RIP Bruce Lee, what we’re doing is putting some martial arts based moves together in videos for you so if you want to add this to work out, this is good for your upper body, your arms and shoulders and it’s great for your […]

Throwing A Needle Through Glass Like A Shaolin Monk Martial Art Master? #challenge #test

You know the Shaolin monks? The guys that kick each other’s in the balls as a sign of self-control? Well, my monks’ friends have another test to prove their ultimate mastery: make a hole in a pane of glass by throwing a sewing needle through it. Since this skill looks to me pretty essential for every day use, […]

How to Kick with More Power and Accuracy in Martial Arts

Howdy. Ando here from In my video, How to Kick Faster, I talked about how to get your foot up off the ground. Today, I want to talk about the second part of the kick— or most kicks– and that’s your chamber. Having a strong, balanced chamber is important for at least three reasons. First, when you […]

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