Trump Finalizes Plan To Kick 750,000 Americans Off Food Stamps

The Trump administration announced on Wednesday of this week that they had finalized their rule that could kick up to 750,000 American citizens off the food stamp program, SNAP benefits. 750,000 people under these new rules could find themselves without any kind of aid to get food. And here’s what these new rules are. Basically, they’ve put a […]

Democratic Candidates Kick Off Their 2020 Campaigns with an Apology Tour | The Daily Show

Some of the major Democratic candidates have been atoning for positions that they used to hold that are no longer welcome in the Democratic Party. Right? Candidates like former vice president and surprise massage therapist Joe Biden, who yesterday expressed regret over being a little “too tough” on crime back in the ’90s. I’ve been in this fight […]

Putin Jokes With a Judo Banker: You Don’t Want To Meet Russian Wrestling Legend Alexander Karelin!

Ioannou Jason Karim (Barak UK Limited): Thank you very much to VTB and the panelists. Mr President, my name is Jason Joannou; I am a judo black belt and an oil trader. If later visionary… a visionary plan for Africa… What is your weight category? Ultra-heavy weight. We will be meeting with you either at a desk or […]

Rep. Maxine Waters is used to fighting injustice. Trump is next.

I have to attribute to this president, to Trump, that he so offended me that he inspired me. He inspired me to do something about him. I oppose this president. I do not honor this president. I do not respect this president. Politicians, often times, get neutralized by protecting themselves and not wanting to step outside of the […]

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