LEGO City Undercover – (Chapter 2) Grapple with Goons – Trophy/Achievement (CZ)

Your task to get this reward is Complete Chapter 2 – Blast from the Past After completing this chapter, you are automatically reward. I will be very glad if you start subscribing to the channel. This will support me in translation trophies, achievements and turning these video tutorials. If you can not get the reward, let me know […]

Meditation: Reflections on Bruce Lee; by Valerie Holly

One of 18 psalms attributed to David- Psalm 46 is a song of celebration; of knowledge of God’s security. Theme and the Spiritual Practice we are focusing- Meditation. – Many ways to describe meditation- its benefits mentally, physically, and spiritually. Today I want to look at meditation through the focus on Bruce Lee- Bruce Lee was a legendary/gifted […]

Martial Arts Warrior Training : Martial Arts Warrior Training: Elbow Strikes

In this clip of Warrior Training, we’re going to start to start to incorporate elbow strikes. Elbow strikes are use a lot of times in Kickboxing and Thai Boxing to create cuts in the opponent’s face so that the fight will be stop prematurely. This particular elbow that we do in from our fighting position, instead of the […]