The Worst Fights In MMA

Any thing can happen in mma There are countless ways a fight can go, but they can’t all be exciting. Commentator: Who won this fight? Commentator: I don’t know. Not the fans. Sorry folks This is a list of high profile fights that either bored fans into submission, or displayed the technical proficiency of a drunken bar fight. […]

GSP ‘sad’ to see Nick Diaz waste his UFC prime: ‘It would’ve been a nightmare for Tyron Woodley’

George st. Pierre “sad to watch Nick Diaz waste his UFC pride it would have been a nightmare for tyron woodley okay coming into his George st. Pierre title fight at UFC 158 back in March 2013 former Strikeforce what’s wait champion Nick Diaz was ranked number three in the world at 170 pounds thanks to 11 one […]