When Zoom Meetings Go Wrong (feat. Josh Wolf) – Lights Out Lo-Fi Panel (March 24, 2020)

– Guys, welcome to the show! – Hi. – Hello. – Sarah, you look nice, too nice. (laughs) (hard rock guitar) (static buzzing) You have a baby or not? – I did, I did, I had one, I still have him, he’s in the other room. – Yeah, sure, I haven’t seen him. (laughs) I saw a picture […]

Five charged for hospital gloves, masks found at Brown’s Funeral Home, Jamaica News Today

okay people remember since we have the ruin of virus the Rona ro and a mechanic Carolyn Callahan Alana monetize the sister of the Coronas predator own the most remember the news were out with him stole the gloves them and amass them from the the Kingston public hospital at Jamaica well today file charge for hospital gloves […]

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