Dragons fight back tears after powerful pitch | Dragons’ Den

Like anything in life anything worth having never came easy, so I’m expecting to be grilled. Hopefully at the end of it we’ll be walking away with a dragon and some investment. Hello dragons, my name is Craig Hale and I’m the owner of landscapes for learning limited. I’m here today to ask for your investment of 50,000 […]

Coke Rocket, Taekwondo Kicks, Biggest Great White Shark, And More! | TodayILearned #40

this is what happens when you mix coke with butane gas Taekwondo at its finest welcome back to gun and shot TV and today was going to talk about yet another exciting collector item and what I’m talking about is sweetheart grips so as you can see the grips are made of clear plastic I’m gonna try and […]

Elizabeth Banks on Assembling ‘Kick Butt’ Trio for Charlie’s Angels Reboot

Good to see you. I love that dress. Thank you. Looks fantastic. Color. Yes, a lot of color. Like the Lego Movie. Filled with color. Yes, it is. It looks like a Lego type dress. Like, it could be made of Legos. Yes, all my movies influence my style. So this is the Lego Movie influencing my style. […]

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