Whatta Town! – Self Defense w/ Mickael Serfati

The Big Apple is pretty safe today,. But it’s still New York City. To teach us some self defense, I contacted my friend, Mickael Serfati, who’s a ten-time French karate champion. And he’s also visiting the city. Let’s talk to him. AAAYYYYEEEE!!! Come on, Tom. I’m just kidding Funny guy. Ha. Mickael took me to Goshen Ryu Karate […]

BJJ BLACK BELT shows How GOOD Donnie Yen’s Flash Point Grappling Skills Are | Scenic Fights

What’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of Scenic Fights’ Fight Scene Breakdown If you like what you see and enjoy the work Please subscribe, hit that like button and comment below. Alright let’s do this. [Chad] Collin Chou he has more Kung-Fu style there [Chad] But Donnie Yen takes more like a Western striking style [Chad] […]

Meditation: Reflections on Bruce Lee; by Valerie Holly

One of 18 psalms attributed to David- Psalm 46 is a song of celebration; of knowledge of God’s security. Theme and the Spiritual Practice we are focusing- Meditation. – Many ways to describe meditation- its benefits mentally, physically, and spiritually. Today I want to look at meditation through the focus on Bruce Lee- Bruce Lee was a legendary/gifted […]

How Being Bullied Got Me Into Martial Arts | My Fight – Fattaah | Scenic Fights

I grew up in fear. Harlem, 1970s Surrounded by drugs, gangs and violence. My parents abandoned me and my grandmother wanted me to be the man I never had the chance to meet. Bullied I would cry myself to sleep feeling alone and helpless. It wasn’t until I discovered a box of old martial arts magazines that I […]