Tai Chi Martial Art Applications : Tai Chi: Attack From Behind

In this segment I’m going to be showing an application of an attack from behind. Using preparation movement and ward off. It doesn’t matter ward off left or ward off right, it is really up to you. The idea is preparation, then step out and ward off. And as you notice, it is sometimes a little different what […]

Tai Chi Martial Art Applications : Tai Chi: Withdraw & Push

In this segment I’ll be showing an application for withdraw and push against a very aggressive frontal attack, somebody kind of towering over you so in the Tai Chi form, withdraw and push comes in this way. So Ray’s going to attack, as I withdraw, push, right, send him out. So the idea here is this, as he’s […]

Shaolin kung fu basic moves

sfts El árbol de boxeo original de Shaolin Kung fu tradicional Serie 47 de Shaolin Kung fu tradicional dieciocho métodos A continuación vamos a aprender habilidades de Sholin Kun Fu. Dividimos las habilidades de Shaolin Kung Fu en dieciocho métodos. En realidad son habilidades Shaolin básicas. Hay un refrán “Conjuntos de rascacielos … en la base” un buen […]