MMA Ground Fighting for Self Defense : How to Escape a Guard Pass in Jiu-Jitsu

JASON JEANETTE: Hi. I’m Jason Jeannette. This is Daniel Klapheke from Elite Martial Arts of Middle, Tennessee for Expert Village. Right here is a Jiu-Jitsu version of a Guard Pass. First thing, bury my head so I don’t catch any upward elbows or punches. I want an elbow into the inner thigh, preferably both. Pop. When I feel […]

Why Jiu Jitsu?

The most important thing that people get from the school is the self confidence that they have that they can like overcome anything because when a guy comes over the first thing that he feels is he is going to get hurt, he is going to break something or its something that he can not do it and […]

Tai chi for not fighting – “elbow, shoulder, white crane spreads wings”

There you go. Do that again. So, push here. There go. Yes. So, I have lost it. You have me off balance. So I change the fulcrum and fold, and Kao. You have got me off balance. I am double weighted. I pivot. I fold the elbow in. I protect my head. “White Crane Spreads Wings” *Laughter* That […]

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