Conor McGregor is SCARED of Cowboy Cerrone’s BJJ

Mcgregor’s scared and he’s making it all obvious. (SLAPPING BEAT NOISES) Hey, what’s up everybody? My name is Jesse and I’m the founder and Grand Master of MMA, Mexican Martial Arts. And you’re watching MMAM, the Mexican Martial Arts Minute… but longer. Donald Cerrone has more submission wins than knockout wins. Conor McGregor has never been knocked out […]

Sean Wheelock Hypes Kinektic Grappling Tournament

Is there anything else you want to share with our viewers kinetic grappling August 16th, I’m really excited about this It’s my first chance to executive produce & Co promote and matchmaker show working with Keith Beltre and Urijah Faber And Keith and I have now partnered on something called kinetic grappling. We’ve also brought in your riah […]

Sergio (Practical Combat Martial Arts) Challenge To Xu Xiaodong (古巴武术狂人挑战徐晓冬)

Hi, Sergio from practical combat This video is directed to Xu Xiaodong The guy who is beating up Kung Fu masters The time has come where you have to face your biggest fear, me. I’m your biggest fear, why? I’m the biggest shark in the tank, and let me tell you why. You go out and you beat […]