Grappling (Go too gi): Side position #01-05.

Grappling techniques. Number 01 to 05 Welcome, I am Kuksanim Hector Contreras, Chief instructor of the HwaRangDo Chile Academy I will show you five grappling techniques; these are simple yet very effective In the technique #1, I will grab and lock the forearm. First, I put my body-weight over the opponent, like in a shooting-prone position Lowering my […]

Walking cane self defense: 12 Cane Strikes: Cane and wheelchair

this week we’re looking at the 12 cane strikes from the cane masters international system and we’ll be showing the various ways we can do it with your able body need two sticks or our wheelchair user and give you the idea of principles of how you can adapt to suit each individual learner so we will see […]

Sean Wheelock Hypes Kinektic Grappling Tournament

Is there anything else you want to share with our viewers kinetic grappling August 16th, I’m really excited about this It’s my first chance to executive produce & Co promote and matchmaker show working with Keith Beltre and Urijah Faber And Keith and I have now partnered on something called kinetic grappling. We’ve also brought in your riah […]