Sean Wheelock Hypes Kinektic Grappling Tournament

Is there anything else you want to share with our viewers kinetic grappling August 16th, I’m really excited about this It’s my first chance to executive produce & Co promote and matchmaker show working with Keith Beltre and Urijah Faber And Keith and I have now partnered on something called kinetic grappling. We’ve also brought in your riah […]

MMA Grappling & Takedowns : Shoulder Throw Wrestling Technique

In this throw I’m going to show you is a little upper body throw. It’s some overs and unders. It’s a real common position. You’re pretty neutral right here. Let me explain the footwork before we do it. You’re going across, just like the arm throw. You’re going across, back, pop my hips. Across, back, throw and I’m […]