Martial Arts Tips : How to Avoid a Fight Like a Martial Artist

Hi everybody, I’m John Graden from the Martial Arts Teacher’s Association and How do you avoid a fight like a martial artist? Well very simply. A martial artist has confidence, a martial artist has confidence. When you reach the level of confidence that you don’t feel the need to prove yourself then you get into what I […]

Martial Arts Fighting Strategy : Martial Arts Defense: Superman Punch

Hi I’m John Graden for the Martial Arts Teacher’s Association and this is what I consider to be a crazy technique. I kind of figured this out on my own years ago and I called it the Kamakazi Technique. My good friend, Jerry Jones who runs a great mixed martial arts school in New Jersey, I asked him […]

Dr. Carl Weiss Testimonial: James Simpson, MMA Instructor, Double Hip Replacement

– I’ve been doing martial arts for over 35 years. Over the last couple of years, I just started noticing how something ain’t right. My kicks were getting softer, starting to hurt a little bit more. I was like, yeah, this isn’t right. I do a lot of pain, and this isn’t good. I finally went to Dr. […]