“Mixed Martial Arts & Crafts” with UFC Champ Chris Weidman

– Hi, I’m UFC fighter Chris Weidman, and welcome to Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts. (upbeat, playful music) ♫ Fighting and art ♫ What a blast and a half ♫ It’s Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts ♫ – Let’s art. Today we learn how to make a pop up card while subduing a vicious opponent. You’ll need construction […]

Martial Arts Tips : How to Teach Your Kids Basic Self-Defense

Hi everybody I’m John Graden from the Martial Arts Teachers Association and JohnGraden.com. How do you teach your children self defense? I have a seven year old and a five year old and we’re dealing with this all the time. In schools there is typically a zero tolerance for striking, even if it’s in self defense your child […]

Best to Worst Martial Art • Martial Arts Journey

Comparing Best to Worst Martial Arts While many questions and answers are subjective, it never hurts to develop our critical thinking by looking at various criteria and comparing it to each other. What martial art is the best has been an endless debate between many and while there is no definitive answer, it wouldn’t hurt to compare the […]

How to Become a Mixed Martial Artist : How to Defeat Multiple Attackers in Mixed Martial Arts

Greetings! My name is Grand Master John Le Grand otherwise known as the Phoenix Sensei. The name of our system is Lost Legacy Systems, University of Mixed Martial Arts. We are located in Coconut Creek, Florida. On behalf of Expert Village, we are going to show you how to become a Mixed Martial Artist. Now we will have […]