BJJ and MMA vs Judo: Spectator Sport vs Participant Sport

Hey guys, Preston here with another episode of Grappler Going Abroad. Today I want to talk about something pretty similar to what I talked about in my last Judo video. How can Judo be marketed better. Theres this blog that makes some excellent points, its called “The Self Defense Expert.” He has two articles that are awesome. One […]

MMA Training & Attack Techniques : Monkey Roll Variation in MMA Training

Alright, this is another monkey roll variation. This time we’re just going to go underneath, I’m grabbing, going across, grabbing his bicep, and grab my own wrist. I’m going to do that exact same monkey roll, I’m going to drive my head down and take him through my legs, right here, this hand, this is like really quick […]

Sergio (Practical Combat Martial Arts) Challenge To Xu Xiaodong (古巴武术狂人挑战徐晓冬)

Hi, Sergio from practical combat This video is directed to Xu Xiaodong The guy who is beating up Kung Fu masters The time has come where you have to face your biggest fear, me. I’m your biggest fear, why? I’m the biggest shark in the tank, and let me tell you why. You go out and you beat […]

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