Self Defense Tips with PRO UFC fighter Elias Theodorou

Hey guys Nick Jonas, I’m here with pro UFC fighter Eliza Thoreau and we’re gonna be teaching you guys some self-defense So why is what are you gonna start with? Well, we’ll start from the different levels of engagement Obviously if we’re talking about an attacker, you know, the first option would be them and grabbing your hand, […]

Tai chi for not fighting – “elbow, shoulder, white crane spreads wings”

There you go. Do that again. So, push here. There go. Yes. So, I have lost it. You have me off balance. So I change the fulcrum and fold, and Kao. You have got me off balance. I am double weighted. I pivot. I fold the elbow in. I protect my head. “White Crane Spreads Wings” *Laughter* That […]

Grappling (Go too gi): Side position #01-05.

Grappling techniques. Number 01 to 05 Welcome, I am Kuksanim Hector Contreras, Chief instructor of the HwaRangDo Chile Academy I will show you five grappling techniques; these are simple yet very effective In the technique #1, I will grab and lock the forearm. First, I put my body-weight over the opponent, like in a shooting-prone position Lowering my […]

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