Suomen URHEILUGAALA | PM 2019 | Keflavik Iceland | FOC Taekwondo

Howdy hey! We’re standing in the traffic lights. Hey there! We’re on our way to the Finnish Sports Gala. But first we have to find a train so that we can meet ‘MaMa’ [Master Marco]. Can you see my watch? – Not really… Howdy hey! We’re using an escalator. [Untranslatable pun] Where are your feet? This AI thinks […]

Road to the European Championships | FOC Taekwondo

Have you seen Christian anywhere? You mean that guy with the long beard? No, haven’t seen him. Who’s this? Where is my homework? Tashi! [Again!] You found your homework? – Yes! Meh… Hide the buns! [Untranslatable pun] Ready for the beach! Ready for the beach… – Indeed! [Untranslatable pun] Freddie Mercury was probably as poor as any other […]

Chungju welcomes visitors to check out 20 global martial arts that were unfamiliar to many people

Kabaddi, Pencak Silat, Savate, Kurash. These are the names of martial arts disciplines… which may be obscure to most people. They will be on display at the Korean city of Chung-ju this week, alongside more well-known martial arts. Our Won Jung-hwan takes us there. An attacking player is mumbling something under his breath. If you look closely,… the […]

Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : Learning Kata in Kempo Karate

We went over a few techniques: punches, kicks, blocks and stances. Another aspect of karate is kata or the empty hand forms. Kata was the backbone of all karate training from Okinawa to Japan. It came from China. The Chinese way of teaching martial arts used forms or what the Japanese and Okinawans call kata. Now, in the […]