Koden Kan Karate Moves for Beginners : Small Circle Inside Grab in Koden Kan Martial Arts

Hi! I’m Madison Warner and I’ve been instructing for over 10 years in Michael M. Foley system of Koden Kan Karate, if you’d like to go to our website please do its h2hctc.com or my website is mellei.com. Today we’re going to learn small circle inside grab and what you’re going to do on this one your attacker […]

Shaolin Kung Fu Stretches & Moves : No Hand Cartwheel in Shaolin Kung Fu

Earlier I mentioned about the Cartwheel without hand. Now, it’s finally time that I show you how to do it. First, let me show you how to do a Cartwheel with hands. Johnny come on up. Let me show you how to do a Cartwheel with hands. The No Hand Cartwheel, the main difference is that you do […]

Shaolin Little Red Boxing & Long Fist Forms : Kung Fu Little Red Boxing Moves 1-6

Wecome to Expert Village, my name is Bruce Wen and on this segment of the video, I’m going to show you some forms of Shaolin. I’m going to show you the Little Red Boxing. Little Red Boxing is considered the modern boxing of Shaolin. It’s practice for the, it’s taught to the Shaolin practitioner once they enter the […]

How to Do Basic Kung Fu : The Fighters Stance in Kung Fu

Ok when it comes to fight stance it’s very very practical. It’s not like traditional because modern day people use this for self-defense purpose, for tournament, for film, you name it. Now take a look. This hand’s protecting the side of the cheek. This hand protect this side of the cheek. Not only that the leg is bent […]

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